Madrid, Spain

MetroPCS USA - Android Official Unlock (RS Unlock Command Fix)

Delivery Time: 3 - 10 - Business Day

Price: EUR 38.04

Warning: Do not use this service to Unlock IMEI from T-Mobile USA or any other carrier that IS NOT MetroPCS as you will receive a ORDER PROCESSED, PHONE UNLOCKED and you won't be able to claim a refund! T-Mobile USA is not supported, only MetroPCS is supported so do not waste the time of our supplier sending Junk IMEI as you will waste your money. This service is a Premium 3 – 10 day service designed to fix MetroPCS phones that use the Device Unlock APP but when we processed your order you received a message “No RSU Unlock command available”, this service is specifically designed to fix those IMEI that get this message, we will force an unlock as long as it is a MetroPCS IMEI. Some phones will get a message “Phone Unlock not successful, please reboot phone” when using the Unlock APP. This is normal, just press the OK button and when the phone reboots retry the Device Unlock APP.

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